As you are aware digital screens with movement and colour are attractive and attention getting.
How do you grab the attention of your audience, especially the younger generation?
Give them a screen to look at.
You probably already provide many forms of entertainment for your clients like….
Newspapers, Magazines, Coffee News, local community posters, etc
Why not roll all of this into one area and get your customers focused on our screen that provides all this while also displaying your specials and other services
Bringing your offers to the attention of your customers will certainly get them interested in what you have.

So what do we show on the other portion of the screen?
We provide short, interesting, informative and entertaining content.
We provide community notices (free).
We run competitions to gain local interest.
We run advertising to pay for the cost of the screen.

Our aim is to provide an informative, entertaining system that serves you and provides a platform for community organisations and our advertisers to reach their intended targets. This provides a focal point you will be proud to have installed in your business.

Get in front of the competition
Boost sales
Support your local community
Entertain and inform your customers

Simply install one of our combo
advertising screens and get these benefits

> No cost to you ever.
> Update your business with our 21st century technology.
> In-store sales and information screen.
> Proven to boost sales of promoted products by 10%-50%.
> Give back to the community by helping them spread the word.
> Entertain you customers while they wait and cut perceived wait times.

Our systems are paid for by the support of advertisers.
Revenue from advertising covers...

> The cost of installation
> Your ongoing ad creation
> Ongoing costs of running the system
> Supports the community


They are a proven method of attracting customer attention

Become a host and install one of our combo advertising screens.
Hosts get these benefits...

> Boost Sales of your special offers by10-50%
> Display your offers & services on your own reserved spaces.
> We will make the ads and update them as often as you like.
> No cost to you EVER.


As Easy As 1,2,3

Your Screen Area
Reserved for your business 100% of the time.
(1) Display special offers - as many as you like.
(2) For revolving text messages.
Unlimited updates and changes FREE for LIFE.
Our Screen Area (3)
We provide short, interesting, informative and entertaining content.
We provide community notices (free).
We run competitions to gain local interest.
We run advertising to pay for the cost of installation and cost of the screen.
Most Importantly...
There is no set up or ongoing costs to you. No monthly rental or other charges.
Your participation helps to support community organizations and charities.
This is acknowledged in our marketing campaigns and your clients will
recognise your company as one of those who supports community projects.


Inspire TV distributes your message through hi definition screens installed in places of wait. The screens are best positioned for customers to view them and the content is silent so staff are not annoyed and distracted by the content. All that is required for the installation is a power point and access to your wireless network.

Based in our offices our servers distribute content and monitor each screen in the network. To minimise data transfer and disruption we download content to each monitor only once when we perform an update. The monitor then stores this content and plays it to your customers. This minimises load and data transfer on the client’s wireless network. The monitors are intelligent app based devices that will turn on and off at the appropriate times based on your business hours and automatically send reports to us if there are any failures or faults in the system. If this occurs we can send out a technician to service the device. No interaction is required by you or staff the system is completely automatic. Entertainment and brand messages are delivered continuously and seamlessly during the business work hours.

Be Inspired - Host a Screen