(Source - Digital Signage Federation USA)

  • Up-sell & promote new items with strategic integration of dynamic displays. Attention-Grabbing Graphics.
  • Reduce Perceived Wait Time. There is nothing more frustrating than getting stuck in a long line on a lunch break. Business digital signage can be used to distract customers by displaying fun facts, trivia or promotional material. Since digital menu boards are highly configurable, a certain area on the screen can be dedicated to displaying special content that will help keep customers in long lines less frustrated. Using business digital signage to reduce perceived wait times is something that not only keeps customers from abandoning a business's line on the day of their visit but encourages them to come back in the future.
  • Digital menu boards are convenient. Save your business and staff, time. Let us do it for you.
  • Improve the customer experience. Digital reduces perceived waiting times, because you're displaying engaging content. Satisfy your customers, sell more.
  • Entertain. Your digital menus can be used to entertain customers. Throw in a few promotions and tasty looking menu items to drive sales and encourage guests to return.

Our Digital Combo Boards

> Sell More.

> Are Entertaining.

> Are Exciting.

> Attract Attention.


Inspire TV Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Inspire TV about?
A. We are a digital TV channel. We place TV screens in different businesses (like yours) where people are waiting or relaxing and our content keeps them entertained, engaged and amused. We also show community notices along with ads from local businesses.

Q. Why would I want to put one of your screens in my business?
A. People (Your Customers) like to be entertained. If they are waiting for you or your service, then wait times can be perceived to be reduced by up to 50% when they are entertained by our inspiring content. Watching our content will help them to feel at home and relaxed. Your participation also supports community groups in two ways. (1) We need screens in business where they can be seen for these groups to get their message across, (2) a proportion of the profits from advertising is distributed to these groups.

Q. What about the content. Is it suitable for my customers to view?
A. The content is "G" rated and consists of general knowledge, inspiring quotes, beautiful pictures and scenes, local history and jokes. It is also silent so it won't annoy your staff.

Q. Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
A. There are no term contracts for hosting a set. If you are un-happy, we will remove it.

Q. Are competitors ads shown on screen?
A. No competitors' ads will be shown on your screen.

Q. What if I see some content, I feel is objectionable?
A. If you find any objectionable content on the screen let us know and it will be removed.

Q. How much will the install cost me?
A. There is no charge for the install.

Q. Are there any ongoing monthly charges when I host a screen?
A. No there are no ongoing charges.

Q. Do I receive anything to host a screen on my premises?
A. No but your hosting supports community groups as we give a portion of advertising profits back to them. You also get all of the benefits of your own personalised menu system, designed to drive revenue into your business.

Q. What if something goes wrong or the screen falls on someone or damages something?
A. We maintain the screen at no cost and carry insurance to cover you in the event of damages.