Delivering your marketing message locally


Based in Auckland, Inspire TV is a new concept in digital out of home marketing.

Entertaining, informative and cost effective.

We Install Our Entertainment Systems in high traffic

places of wait, such as Cafes, food outlets, Hair dressers, Barbers etc.

Our Screens deliver your brand message to your audience along with interesting and engaging content.

We provide a unique and engaging platform where local business can deliver their brand messages  affordably.

A Sample Of Our Content

How do you drive customers to your business?

"If They Don't Know You Exist, How Can They Do Business With You"

We present your business to your customers where the traffic is.

 Inspire TV is a new concept in digital media advertising!

We provide addictive entertainment to a captured audience and we use this platform to deliver your brand message.
Our media screens are bigger and bolder than ever, placed in a combination of retail environments across Auckland central,  we get your brand message seen at the very time people are most interested in buying.
When shopping, consumers are comfortable, familiar and open to consideration of new products.
Be Present In High Dwell Areas.
Our screens are great for delivering reach in high footfall centres. If you want to capitalise on longer dwell times, at key high traffic locations, we have the advertising solution for you.

What Customers Are Saying,

“We’ve had a few contracts with other companies to market our business on their platforms which in the end never worked for us. The bad thing about those companies is that they have contracts, which meant that when we did opt out, we are still left to pay the fees until the finishing term written on the contract. With Inspire TV, not only was it a simple sign up but we’re also not tied down with a contract and we can advertise whatever we feel would sell rather than being told what to sell. We have also had a boost of sales since partnering up with Inspire TV Limited a few months ago. We can run our daily or monthly specials which are eye catching to customers and that has definitely boosted our sales which not only made us happy but customers as well”

- Mary, Super cheap tyres & auto services